Customized Outfits

As a company specialized in custom made bride & groom outfits, our passion is to make our customer’s dream on their wedding day outfit a reality.

Rayman’s Bride and Groom can custom tailor a perfectly fitted wedding dress based on your unique figure and preferences by giving personal attention to each detail in the dress. We assure that we make every inch of the dress with the finest material, lace and accessories to maintain the highest quality.

Custom tailoring facility is available for our groom’s to be and the entire bridal party as well. We can assure that our groom’s to be are perfectly matched to their beautiful bride and the entire bridal party is in perfect coordination in terms of style, colours and the fit.

If you need any advice when deciding the style and design, don’t hesitate to contact us through an appointment. We will be glad to help you out.

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Steps for choosing your wedding dress……

Rayman's Bride and Groom - Which shape are you?

Which shape are you?

Identifying your body shape is the first step towards choosing the perfect wedding outfit.

Once you have identified your body shape, it is recommended, that you try on few bridal gowns with different shapes. From here, you will start to get a clear picture about which wedding dresses best suit your figure, preferences and personality.

The most popular bridal dress shapes with their recommended body shapes and a range of necklines from which you can choose are given below.

Wedding Dress Silhouette Style Guide

What is Your Favourite Neckline?

Neckline - SquareSquarehas a straight horizontal bodice that meets with straps in a 90 degree angle
Neckline - ScoopScoopU shaped neckline with varying depth
Neckline - V-neckV-neckdips down in a V-shape
Neckline - SweetheartSweetheartneckline is shaped like the top half of a heart
Neckline - One ShoulderOne Shoulderstrap across one shoulder only
Neckline - Off the ShoulderOff the Shouldersits below the shoulders and highlights the collar bone and shoulders
Neckline - SheerSheersemi sheer net or lace
Neckline - HalterHalterhas straps that wrap around the back of the neck
Neckline - High NeckHigh Neckfeatures high neck/t-shirt neckline
Neckline - Queen AnnQueen Annhigh rising collar at the back of neckline that sculpts low across the chest
Neckline - BateauBateau(boat neck): follows the curve of the collarbone to the very tip of shoulders
Neckline - Strapless Straight AcrossStrapless Straight Acrossstraight across neckline with no curves and no straps
Neckline - Strapless Slight CurveStrapless Slight Curveneckline curves slightly up or down with no straps
Neckline - Strapless SweetheartStrapless Sweetheartneckline is shaped like the top half of a heart

Dressmaking Process - Ladies

Once, the design preferences are discussed and the delivery date is decided, the next important step for a custom making outfit is the measurement taking process. Normally, measurement taking is done by our inhouse experts. However, if the customer is abroad or unable to meet us for the measurements, the below measurement sheet can be used as a guideline for providing your measurement.

Measurement Sheet - Ladies

Custom Tailoring - Gents

The process is similar to the above when it comes to the grooms, groom’s men and the pageboys. The design will be finalized prior to taking the measurements. The below measurement sheet can be used to submit the measurements if any member of the crew is unable to meet us.

Measurement Sheet - Gents